Power for Emergency Evacuation Lifts


The Power Systems International ELPS series of compact dimensioned standby power systems are built in rugged steel enclosures comprising a high performance rectifier battery charger, maintenance free battery and a pulse width modulation (PWM) IGBT three phase sine wave output.


Power for Emergency Lighting ELS D Series

"Digitally controlled ELS D Series"

This new range of emergency lighting systems conforms to EN50171 and they are designed to fit into the typical building riser cavities. The boxes complete with batteries are only 325mm deep x 500mm wide, heights 750mm and 1200mm depending on the VA capacity.


400Hz Mobile Frequency Converters

"SP 40 M Series"

The SP 40 M series of mobile frequency converters are designed to replace the traditional, noisy, air polluting diesel engine driven 400Hz GPU’s with the latest design in solid state frequency converters. Our SP Series product can be simply plugged into the normal 50Hz or 60Hz mains power.


400Hz SP40 Power for Aircraft GSE

"SP40 Series Ground power systems"

The SP series, solid state frequency converters are derived from our long experience in the design and manufacture of rectifiers, inverters, UPS systems and frequency converters. Our range of “GSE” outdoor 400Hz frequency converter products are constructed in rugged all weather resistant.


Power for Helipad & Aircraft 28V DC Engine Start Systems

"Solid state, 400Amps and 600Amps converters"

The PSI D28 Series of DC ground power systems are designed for helicopter engine starting and battery charging applications for outdoors “point of use” installation on Helipads, in plant rooms and on board drilling ships and off shore oil & gas platforms and cruise ships.


28V DC DD Series Helicopter Start Systems

"DD28 Series"

The DD Series of mobile DC ground power systems are designed for aircraft engine starting and battery charging applications for “point of use” at the aircraft parking stands, in maintenance hangars or in avionics workshops, aircraft manufacture and training simulators.

The DD range is complimentary to our PS range, but is designed for more rugged environments, such as offshore where ISO 1540 is required.

The unit comes in IP55, and we offer this with a stainless steel cabinet to improve the useful of of the product.

They also come in static and mobile options.


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