Auxiliary Power Converters

Auxiliary Power Converters

PSI – Transtechnik Series

Auxiliary power converters are used on board all types of mass transit public service vehicles including high speed, light rail and main line  trains, underground trains, trams and trolley buses. The auxiliary converter units (ACU) solve all the vehicle’s power conversion needs by switching the input voltage from the overhead line or 3rd rail power supplies, which is often unstable, into constant regulated voltage. The ACU converts overhead catenary or 3rd rail AC or DC high voltage transportation power sources into three phase 50 Hz or 60 Hz steady state AC or high stability DC power, and with a combi-converter delivering two or three AC outputs with a supplementary DC output.

The PSI-Transtechnik converter’s dual function, produces stabilised AC power to drive the on board compressors for air conditioning, brakes, lighting and other AC auxiliaries. In addition to generating high stability DC power to charge the vehicle’s batteries and feeding other DC loads.

The ACU can convert AC and DC voltages up to 3,000V or third rail 750V DC services lines and deliver single or multiple AC outputs three phase, single phase 50Hz, 60Hz or 100Hz AC power plus the aforementioned high stability DC power for battery charging.

The PSI-Transtechnik auxiliary converters are custom engineered to suit individual requirements in sizes from 2kVA to 150kVA. Construction is compact the lastest in power conversion technology electronics to ensure that energy losses are kept to a minimum. They are manufactured in rugged stainless steel enclosures and can be mounted underneath, on the roof or inside the rail vehicles.

We also offer a range of rack mounting DC to DC converters that can be installed on mass transit vehicles.

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