Supplier Terms and Conditions

Supplier Terms and Conditions

Our supply chain is vital to us, quality supply is the base on which we all build a sustainable business and ensure that we all meet our customer’s expectations.  Our aim is to work collaboratively with our suppliers, understanding your constraints and clearly articulating particular aspects of the projects we have.

To this end it is important that we have a clear set of rules and guidelines to support and open, honest a fair exchange between us.

It is also important that we maintain quality throughout the supply chain, to ensure compliance with the relevant standards and to follow not just what we have to, but to conduct business to the highest ethical standards.  To that end we will not tolerate any breaches as set out in the Modern Slavery Act, nor do we support any bribes or incentives to gain work from anyone in our supply chain.

We will never ask you to conduct work without a firm Purchase Order, so if one is not forthcoming, we have not asked you to start any work, and therefore we will not accept any invoices that you may raise for that work.  On the other side, we expect you to fulfil your part, with good communications, on time delivery and total quality.

So our full listing of our supplier terms and conditions is contained in the following link, please click here.

Please note that these form an integral part of all supply.  We appreciate it is a long document, and this is mainly because of the many aspects of our relationship.

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