Power Systems International’s Repsonse to BREXIT

Power Systems International’s Repsonse to BREXIT

If you live in Britain, and probably also in many other parts of the world, you can not miss the subject of Brexit.  So much so that even in the media they refer to it as the “B” word.

As we write this we are still no clearer to understanding what will happen, the current “May” deal, No Deal, remaining, extension of the deadlines.  Whilst we hope that the UK Government will give all businesses a clearer understanding of what is expected, we as a business are preparing for what will happen in the event of a “No Deal Brexit”.

Our supply chains do include goods purchased from Europe, and so the risk of disruption to supply chains can not be fully eliminated.

We are mitigating this risk by working with our supply chain to reduce lead times, if possible, to allow for longer logistics times.  We believe that product will still be shipped, the issue is more the time it takes to transport this into the UK.  One advantage is that none of our products are perishable and therefore delays won’t impact the performance of any system purchased will not be impacted.

As we become clearer we will continually adapt our plans to manage business conditions at that time, and to keep clear lines of communication with our customers and suppliers.


Paul Berry

Managing Director

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