About Us

About Us

Power Systems International Limited was established in 1986, the company has an internationally recognised name for high quality, proven technology, custom engineered power conversion systems with over 75% of business coming from important export territories managed from our international operations headquarters in Milton Keynes, in the United Kingdom.

The Power Systems International Limited name was chosen as a strong brand name recognising its position in both the international markets where operated and the total reliability of power products demanded for critical loads of all types.

We are a niche market specialist power electronics marketing company with over 30 years experience in the development of custom engineered, special purpose products.

Our customers are in a wide range of industries and fall into one of the following categories:

  • Aviation
  • Laboratories
  • Lifts
  • Rail
  • Oil
  • Shore to Ship; and
  • Industrial, including Power Stations, Military and Test Houses

Our products include:

  • Frequency Converters (50 to 60Hz and 60 to 50Hz) with variable voltages if required;
  • Frequency Converters for the aviation sector (50 or 60Hz to 400Hz);
  • Ground Power Units for Civil and Military Aircraft;
  • 28vDC Power and Starter Units;
  • Back-up systems for Evacuation Lifts, compliant with BS9999
  • Industrial uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS); and
  • Special systems for all types of critical load applications.

We have supplied our applications all over the world.

The “PSI” brand logo used on our products is our long established and recognised brand name recognised for quality and reliability in power conversion and power security systems to our enviable list of clients

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