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Frequency Converters

A frequency converter, also referred to as frequency changer, converts alternating current (AC) from one frequency to another. The frequency converters are used for industrial purposes and for applications where the load requires a different frequency from the normal available mains, utility or alternate power source.

Our 100Hz frequency changers are used on board rail vehicles to enable the use of smaller and lighter motors to be employed on fans and compressors.

The 400Hz frequency converters are used in aerospace for aircraft ground power, navigation aids, radar, avionics repair workshops, maintenance hangars, flight simulators and the ultra large main frame computers.

Other frequency converters that produce high frequencies are used for induction heating and  other specialist applications in laboratories.   

See below for our current range of Frequency Converters:  


Aircraft Ground Power

400Hz Frequency Converters

These 400Hz GPUs provide power to an aircraft when it is parked on the ground, converting mains power which is either 50Hz or 60Hz, into high frequency 400Hz electricity needed to power aircrafts.

The GPUs can be used in civil and military establishments in aircraft parking stands; maintenance hangars; avionics workshops; aircraft manufacture and training simulators.

We offer both fixed and mobile units. See more information about our 400Hz Frequency Converters

50Hz to 60Hz / 60Hz to 50Hz Frequency Converters

Throughout the globe there are two different power distribution frequencies for mains power either 50Hz or 60Hz. The purpose of these frequency converters is to change the power from one frequency to the other to make it possible for 60Hz or 400Hz products to be powered by a 50Hz or 60Hz main source.   

This compact dimensioned product is ideally suitable for applications in military and civil aviation, shore to ship services, avionics workshops, radar sites where high performance and reliability is demanded. See more information about our 50Hz to 60Hz / 60Hz to 50Hz Frequency Converters.

Shore to Ship Frequency Converter

Shore Power Frequency Converter

Shore Power

Shore to Ship Frequency Converters

These frequency converters are used by the maritime community to provide shore side power to ships when they berth at port. In addition they can be installed on ocean going vessels of all types to allow them to connect to a shore supply anywhere in the world  The shore power converters are needed as many countries have their own mains power grid distribution voltages. For example, the American Continent has a frequency of 60 Hz whereas most other countries have a power distribution frequency of 50Hz. As a result our shore to ship power converters use either 50Hz or 60Hz frequency and enabling the on board auxiliaries to be used whilst the vessel is docked at the port.

We supply frequency changers to government agencies, shipping companies, cruise lines, car ferry ports, naval dockyards, harbour and marina operators, and many other maritime companies. See more information about our Shore Power - Shore to Ship Frequency Converters.